Chain Tig

One youngster is a chaser and when he/she “tigs” another kid, they connect hands and keep on pursuing. The game closures when everybody turns out to be essential for the chain.

Plane Tig

Tig aside from when the youngster is “pull”, they stand with their arms out and kids run under to free them.

Horse Tig

At the point when you get pull you run like a pony (skipping, neighing, and so on). When everybody is a pony the game is finished.

Latrine Tig

At the point when a youngster is “pull” they stand with arm aside. To be liberated the arm is pulled down with a ‘flush’.

Tea kettle Tig

At the point when a youngster is “pull” they stand with one arm out and the other hand on hip. Different players must ‘Pour’ them to free them.

Variety Tig

2 or 3 youngsters are chasers, the rest are sprinters, and have 3 shaded tops. The chasers take a shaded top from every sprinter he gets. At the point when a chaser has 3 distinct tones, he turns into a sprinter. At the point when a sprinter loses each of the 3 tones he turns into a chaser.

Show Tig

The game gets going as a typical round of Tig, with one individual as the catcher. At the point when the primary individual is pull, everybody needs to duplicate their response until the following individual is pull for example on the off chance that somebody who has quite recently been pull, stops and turns round, everybody should duplicate that equivalent development each two or three seconds until there is another response for example Once more, tumbling all the way down and getting up!

Fly Tig

At the point when a youngster is “pull”, they need to rests on the floor fluttering their arms about like a withering fly. They are safeguarded by a tap on the temple.

Elective: TURTLE TIG – When ‘pull’ they lie on back waving arms and legs in the air – and they should be tenderly moved back onto their ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบ legs once more.

Medical clinic Tig

2 Kids are decided to be chasers, and they need to Tig every other person. Each time an individual is pull, they need to hold the piece of their body that was pull. Inevitably, the game will dial back as youngsters are attempting to hold all aspects of their body and run simultaneously. (for example kids have 2 lives since they have 2 hands).

Tail Tig

Each youngster has a tail with the exception of one. He needs to take a tail (hankie) from a youngster and afterward the kid without a tail attempts to take one from another person. Youngsters are going around constantly.


2 Youngsters are decided to be Snakes, the other kids are frogs. This is essentially a round of Tig, where the Snakes need to wriggle around on the floor and “Tig” the frogs, who hunker down and jump like frogs. At the point when a frog is gotten, he turns into a snake. The game finishes when everybody has turned into a Snake.

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